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Who We Are

ACCM (UK) established in 2008, is a Charity and an international non-governmental organisation (NGO), evolved from a major local charity, Agency for Culture and Change Management – (ACCM Sheffield), whose primary role was to lobby for and communicate the effects of legislation concerning Female Genital Mutilation and other harmful traditional practices in the UK. The primary function of ACCM (UK) is to expand this work in the new legal framework and to look at the wider issues that affect minority and other vulnerable communities including tackling health, social and economic inequalities at a local level in Bedford and surrounding areas.

ACCM (UK) works to promote action to bring about positive social change to enhance the wellbeing and to protect the dignity of girls and women locally, nationally and internationally. ACCM (UK) is committed to eliminating of all harmful traditional and discriminatory practices that violate Human Rights of girls and women (boys and men), such as female genital mutilation (FGM) and forced arranged marriage (FAM) andhonour based violence (HBV) that are forms of domestic violence (DV).
ACCM (UK) to start work in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas to tackle health inequalities that impacted on minority and most disadvantaged members of the community and also to support girls and women victims of or at risk of illegal harmful traditional practices.

ACCM (UK) was established in 1983 in Bedford to tackle health inequalities that impacted on minority and most vulnerable disadvantaged communities in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. Since this time ACCM (UK) has been working to improve the health, wellbeing an status of the Bedford communities. We work closely with communities through organisation of health and wellbeing activities and giving information to improve use and access to statutory services. We also work closely with statutory service providers to provide training and information to enable them to provide services that are most appropriate, sensitive and user friendly.

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Our Vision

ACCM (UK) is to enable minority and most disadvantaged communities in Bedford and surrounding areas are healthy and happy, that they are able to attain and enjoy the highest level of physical, mental and social well-being, irrespective of their age, background, origin, sexuality, culture, religion or socio-economic status. ACCM (UK) anticipates that all forms of illegal harmful traditional practices will be eliminated in the world to enable all girls and women (boys and men) are free from any form of violence, feel safe, have rights to dignity, equality and freedom to opportunities. To set up a One-Stop-Shop community centre to be the centre of the community in Bedford.

Our Mision

ACCM (UK)’s objects are “the relief of poverty and sickness, the advancement of education, the preservation and protection of good health among minorities in England and Wales and other parts of the world”.

ACCM (UK) is committed to the improvement of the health and wellbeing of minority and most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities by improving the health and wellbeing so they are happy and healthy citizens.
ACCM (UK) is also committed to the campaigning and elimination of all illegal harmful traditional practices, particularly female genital mutilation, forced and child forced arranged and honour based violence against girls and women from all backgrounds, creed and race.

ACCM (UK) is inclusive in its work and is committed to working with people from all backgrounds including boys and men, as happy and healthy men will lead to a happy and healthy family. In some communities men are the patriarch of the family and their support is important to tackling ill-health and abuse. Our mission is to ensure boys and men are part of our work and support our campaign towards eliminating all forms of abuse against girls and women.
ACCM (UK) works to bring change through engaging with our users and providers, developing capacity and building evidence to influence policy and tackle factors and practices that undermine their health, human rights.

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ACCM (UK)’s Core Values

ACCM (UK) is committed to:

Valuing diversity and equality of opportunity. The empowerment of voluntary and community organisations, communities and individuals. Accountability, integrity and openness. · Promote Human Rights of girls and women (boys and men) to be free from all forms of violence, coercion or ill-health. ACCM (UK) will strive to demonstrate these values in its work by: Providing high quality services that are responsive to the needs of organisations, communities and individuals.
Prioritising and targeting our work and services to reach organisations and communities that most need the support and services we offer.
Supporting organisations to develop self-reliance and independence
Supporting people to be active in the community
Promoting and demonstrating good practice in our work and as an organisation.
Implementing good employment practices
Click here to learn more about our work in both the UK and in Africa to advance the rights of African girls and women.

ACCM (UK) is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Charity working to Reaching Communities to improve the health, social and economic position of BME, asylum seekers, migrant and vulnerable communities locally, nationally and internationally. ACCM (UK) works to tackle and eliminate harmful traditional practices, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM); Forced Marriage (FM); and Honour Based Violence (HBV) that impacts and violent the human rights and wellbeing of girls and women.

ACCM (UK) was set up in March 2008, in response to concerns and problems faced by girls and women, residing in the UK, of African, Asian and Middle East background who have been, or are at risk of being subjected to harmful traditional practices of Female Genital Mutilation, Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence; lack of services and awareness amongst frontline professionals.

The founder and champion who worked at Agency for Culture and Change Management for 10 years teamed up with a committed team of other frontline professionals and victims who became Directors to ensure that the campaign to tackle these practices continues, services developed and information and training provided to support victims and protect those at risk.

ACCM (UK) works to empower communities with training and relevant information to ensure that they improve their general social, health and economic status which will lead to changing in attitudes against harmful traditional practices.

ACCM (UK) works to sensitise professionals and service providers to ensure that they are full aware of the social, health, economic and legal implications of harmful traditional practices and other inequalities that impact on vulnerable communities.

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